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Sydney FC Sponsorship

Thursday, 1 December 2022

Mitronics Corporation are pleased to announce our 3rd year of sponsorship with Sydney FC.
It’s an exciting 22-23 season for Sydney FC  with every home game now being played out of the new Allianz Stadium.
Mitronics had the pleasure to catch up with Sydney FC CEO Adam Santo along with the coaches and players at training where the new “ Centre of Excellence Sky Park " is being developed and due to open in 2023.

Sydney FC’s Centre Of Excellence – Sky Park – will provide the foundation for the Sky Blues future growth and its construction is

Situated at Macquarie University Sports Fields in the north of Sydney, it will become home to the next generations of Sydney FC players and staff.

With the brand alignment being so strong between both organisations and both sharing a vision of success it was always going to be an easy partnership to continue.

As part of the partnership Mitronics equip Sydney FC with the latest and greatest technology solutions.



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